How to apply for a Turkish Visa as a Nigerian

How to apply for a Turkish Visa as a Nigerian

This article,  How to apply for a Turkish Visa as a Nigerian will put you in the right position to know everything you need to know in getting a Turkish visa.

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Generally,  Turkey Visas can be obtained online, all one needs to do is to apply and there are about 40 countries whose citizens are allowed to get an electronic visa.  All Nigerians with a valid passport can apply for this without stress and with no time waste.

Nigerians just need about 3 documents to legally enter the Republic of Turkey. A Nigerian password, Valid Turkey visa, a Schengen, UK, US, or Ireland visa, or resident permit. You will may need a hotel reservation, proof of sufficient funds about 50 USD per day.

You  need a visa before they can get into Turkey. As a Nigerian, you can obtain as eVisa which is an authorization document that will allow you to enter Turkey. The evisa has replaced the old “sticker visa”. This came into place in April, 2013 has been operational since then.

The eVisa has become the quickiest and most convenient way to get a visa to Turkey. No more visiting the Embassy again. These visa is valid just for 180 days starting from the date of arrival for all Nigerians.

When you have an eVisa then, you don’t have to be going to local embasis or waiting at the airport to get a visa. You just have to download and get it printed out which you shall be using in showing to airports and customes officials in Turkey. This visa will have tobe kept and guarded to be safe by you throughout your stay in Turkey.

How do i get a visa to Turkey

  1. Apply online by filling out the electronic form
  2. Pay the fees and submit your request
  3. Receieve approval via email

Information i need to provid to the Turkey eVisa application

  1. You bio data (Name, date of birth and Nationality)
  2. Resident permit
  3. Date of arrival in Turkey
  4. Valid Nigerian passport

After you have applied and received your eVisa from Turkey by email provided during application, you are free to present the printed copy of the email copy at the airport and Turkey officials. You are no longer required to go dealing witht the embassy again.

How to apply for a Turkish Visa as a Nigerian

These eVisa is very efficient and fast. just fill and submit the application form and it will take just 24 hours for reviewer and approval and BOOM you will receive a copy in your email

Mostly, the approval for Nigerians for the eVisa come in 24 hours.  Do you wish to apply for a eVisa, Start your application here

With the eVisa, it’s a single entry permit where you have to make a fresh application before you make another trip to Turkey. This eVisa can also be used and is accepted at Turkish sea and land borders too.

How do get into Turkey from Nigeria after getting my eVisa?

With you valid documents, using the eVisa, you can fly to Turkey through some popular routes  like Abuja to Antalya, here you have just a stop. From Port Harcourt to Ankara, here you have 2 stops or from Lagos to Istanbul where its a direct flight.

Though the eVisa process is 100% online where you need not to visit the Turkish embassy, should incase you need to visit the Turkish Embassy in Nigeria, The Turkish Embassy in Nigeria is located at:

333 Diplomativ Drive, Central Business District, Abuja FCT

For more information on How to apply for a Turkish Visa as a Nigerian, Visit Here

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