How to monetize a website – 9 ways

How to monetize a website - 9 ways

If there is something that is hard and at the same time easy on the internet then it’s how to monetize a website. Website owners and bloggers will always source for ways on how to make money with a website he or she owns.

As a website owner or blogger, you must get ways to monetize a website that you own.

Why I was writing this article, it strokes my mind that I should have written on building a website to make money from scratch first but then that will be a story for another day. Definitely, that will be of great value most especially to those who are into website design and those still intending to go into it.

In as much as making from a website or blog is hard, it’s 100% achievable and can be done by anybody whether you are a beginner or old-timer in the internet world.

It’s very common to see even website owners turning the blog section of their websites into an income-generating machine.

But I will love to let you know that the money you are going to make here with your website or blog will be very small. At times just enough to be a replacement for the one you used in purchasing your domain and hosting plan.

The amount you earn here depends on the amount of commitment you put into every strategy you choose to go with after reading what I have for you in this article.

This post is in no way guaranteed that you are going to make dollars after here. Your commitment is what is going to determine whether you succeed or fail. Always remember to go with a strategy that suits your website and lifestyle because this is going to go a long way in helping you getting money from your website or blog.

As you are reading this if you feel there is a need for you to know how to make a website that makes money, then you will have to drop a comment in the comment section and I will respond to your comment.

Are you a website owner or a blog owner? These ways will work well for both of you. I have also tried highlighting other methods in this article on How to monetize a website so, you don’t have to worry yourself.

9 ways on how to make money with a website [Ebook Title – How to Make Money with A Website]

  1. Selling digital products
  2. Accepting sponsored posts and articles
  3. Sell ad space
  4. Youcan take Donations
  5. Create/add a job board to your website
  6. Offer affiliate links & Coupons
  7. Google AdSence advertising (Pay Per Click)
  8. Selling physical products
  9. Copy what others are doing

Selling digital products

You can monetize a website by selling digital content on it. Contents like eBooks, courses, software are the commonest digital products you can sell your website and make money.

Digital content can be sold directly on your website or blog and you will get paid right online straight into your bank account.

You can create and sell e-books relating to the niche of your blog or what your website is about.

Do check out how to create an Ebook in 24hours

For you to sell your products on your website, you will have to tackle payment issues. Which payment gateway to use in collecting your money. The most common payment gateways I recommend you go for are:

  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • Paypal
  • Stripe

Creating a Paystack, Flutterwave, and Stripe accounts, setting and integrating any of them for your digital products payment collection will only be a bit hard if your website is not using any custom management system. With WordPress, there are always plugins for such integration.

You will also have to create very fancy and persuasive landing pages for your digital products. If you are using WordPress then there are plugins to help ease your work.

Accepting sponsored posts and articles

Accepting sponsored posts is a way straightforward way on how to monetize a website. This strategy will work for you if you have great traffic on your website. Once you have good traffic, you can reach out to companies that are looking for websites and blogs to feature their content.

You can charge them to pay for each content they want to post on your website and this can gain you reasonable cash. You can equally review their products and get them featured to our audience.

Check here how to make money through sponsored posts and reviews.

Sell ad space

As simple as ABC, sell ad space directly to businesses, companies, and people looking to sponsor their ads to reach out to a great audience.

You can charge based on banner size and location to be placed on your side.  Banner sizes like 250 X 250, 300 X 600.

Remember, they need results from this advert so this will work if our website also has good traffic. The amount of cash you earn here depends on how heavy your traffic is.

I love this particular strategy because it is not like the Cost Per Click (AdSense) where your account can even get banned anytime without any reason and your accumulated money if not cashed out will be gone.

Also, try to get ads and let those advertisers pay you directly.

You can take Donations

This strategy mostly works for websites with a very strong community base, like a forum. You don’t really need traffic per se, this is because the people sending in donations have a purpose tied to your website.

This strategy won’t really work well with blogs this is because people won’t just be giving donations to your blog without a course. It works mainly with charitable organization websites, orphanage websites, and at times where you are championing a project. The issue is that the donation must be for a cause so if you can give your audience a reason to donate to your blog then this can be another source of making some cash from your blog.

Payment gateways like Paypal offer donation buttons that do not take time to integrate into your website. Thereby giving you an opportunity to take donations from your audience. You can use any payment gateway like Paystack and Flutterwave.

How to create a Paypal donation button

You will be asked to log in so as to save your donation button. You can choose to log in or continue without logging in.

How to monetize a website

creating a Paypal button
  • Customize how you button looks on your site by making desired selection and click Continue

How to monetize a website

Make desire selection and click continue
  • Let donors know more about your organization by entering your e-mail address to receive payment and option for donotion. The e-mail linked to your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account then Register for a Paypal account now.

How to monetize a website

Providing details
  • Select currenty to receive donations in, amount donors can give and set whether it a reoccuring donation. Then click Finish and Get code

How to monetize a website

select currency
  • Copy the code which you will use in placing where you want your Paypal donation button

How to monetize a website

copy the codes
  • Your Paypal will look like this when finally inserted.

How to monetize a website

Paypal button preview

Watch the full video below

Creating a paypal donation button

Create/add a job board to your website

Another simple way in building a website to make money or monetizing your website is by adding a job board to your website. It’s a strategy I will recommend if you have a strong base community or great traffic for your website.

Allow companies to post job offers on your website while allowing users to register for job offer notifications and alerts. You can charge people annually or monthly for job offers sent directly to their emails or inbox. Here you will have to create a membership section for your website to help manage members’ activities.

Offer affiliate links & Coupons

Everyone likes free things, promos, and discounts. Find affiliate programs, registered under them always share them on your website information of a banner advert or in-between posts. In this way, you can get a cut from the % given by such affiliate whenever you refer someone.

If there is a very quick way on How to make money with a website then it’s through affiliate links. You can as well create an affiliate marketing website if you thinking of building a website to make money.

I will advise you only promote products you trust through affiliates on your blog or websites through visitors and subscribers

Places you can find products to promote

  • Clickbank
  • ShareASale
  • Commission junction

 I have never been a fan of finding a platform that offers affiliate links. I have been a fan of promoting products directly. Software is a very good product you can promote through affiliate links this is because most of them have a recurring payment.

Domain hosting a domain name and host provider will offer 10% of the services obtained by a new user you refer to their services. As a web developer, I use domain hosting in referring most of my web clients so as to get a cut from the purchases that my clients will make.

Check out other products I promote through affiliate

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Finding valid coupons and displaying them on your website will help in bringing traffic to your website. You can even create plans and charge your audience to subscript to various plans to be able to get some coupons at time intervals.

Google AdSense advertising (Pay Per Click)

As bloggers, website owners like me and you, we are known as publishers when it comes to advertisement. Google allows us to tap into their immense advertising network giving the advertisers to run ads on our websites.

Once your application is approved, Google will place a simple code on your website which identifies the content of your website and enable relevant advertisements to be displayed on your website

With Google AdSense, web traffic is highly needed because with enough traffic you can be making hundreds of dollars each month if not thousands.

Google AdSense can be hard to get but at the same easy to get. I will tell you to read their latest Terms of Services before you apply for AdSense.

Selling physical products

You can also sell physical products directly  through your website. By using the free Woocommerce plugin, you can achieve that and be able to handle shipping, collect taxes, and more.

You can display your products with their description and people can make payment directly into your bank acount why you deliver to them or they come pick them at pickup points.

Copy what others are doing

In conclusion, I will advise you always try to copy what others are doing and see if it works out or not, who knows which strategy may turn out to make a lot of cash for you?

How to monetize a website can be very hard but if you really follow the 10 ways how to make money with a website, you will discover that it’s also easy and achievable. As a website developer, am always thinking of building a website to make money because it’s if I don’t get a client to build for, I should build one and make the money myself.

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